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eToro WebTrader

eToro WebTrader is an online forex trading system that enables you to trade forex online on the go. Access live forex rates from any computer with internet, and manage your open forex trading positions. With eToro WebTrader Forex trading with live forex market rates is always just a click away. with eToro’s no download required, 100% online forex trading platform. You can start practice your first forex trade and learn about forex trading with eToro WebTrader 2.0

eToro WebTrader 2.0

The eToro WebTrader 2.0 is an online version of the eToro platform which enables you to trade forex without downloading the full eToro software. We developed this no download web based software as a solution for traders on the go, who want to trade forex at eToro without downloading the platform every time they switch computers. It’s also an excellent place to start for new traders who’d like to get a little taste of eToro first, before downloading the real deal.

The WebTrader interface is similar to eToro’s expert mode interface, and it includes all the advanced trading tools arranged in one interactive screen, which you can rearrange to your convenience. Despite lacking the eToro platform’s visual mode and community tools, the WebTrader still provides you with eToro’s excellent forex trading capacities and our trademark user friendliness.

You can also use the WebTrader to keep track of your account balance and to add or withdraw funds from your account.

eToro WebTrader system guide

The main trading interface presents you with two ways of setting up a trade:

1. Line view – if you’re using the live rates panel in Line view, this is what your operating area looks like:

eToro WebTrader snapshot

eToro WebTrader snapshot

The operating area is where you set the parameters to open new trades. The bare minimum parameters that you need to set in order to open a trade are: buy or sell, risk level (leverage) and amount.

For example, if you were to click “Open Trade” on the example above you would be buying EUR/USD at the rate of 1.3133, for the amount of $50, with the leverage of x200.

In other words, it would mean that you bought 50 US Dollars worth of Euros, one Euro costing 1.3133 US Dollars. The leverage means that while investing only $50, you are actually trading for 200 times that amount, meaning $10,000. Choosing to trade for 200 times the amount of you investment involves a high risk/reward level, meaning that while standing to gain more from currency fluctuations, you also stand to lose your initial investment more quickly. At this stage, it’s important to emphasize that while you profit is unlimited, your loss is limited to your initial investment in the trade, in this case meaning $50.

You can also specify instructions to close the trade once it reaches a certain loss or profit. This way, you don’t have to constantly monitor your trades since you’re assured that you won’t lose more than a certain amount and that if the trade reaches your desired level of profit, it will be capitalized upon.

2. Box view – if you’re using the live rates panel in Box view, you can select whether to buy or sell a pair simply by clicking on the Buy or Sell rate. In Box view, your operating area looks like this:

with eToro WebTrader you can start small and go big

with eToro WebTrader you can start small and go big

All the other parameters are set in exactly the same way as in Line View.

Once you’ve set all your trade parameters, click on “Open Trade” to execute the trade. You will then get the following window, confirming all your trade parameters:

You must then click OK to open the trade or Cancel to reset your parameters.

online eToro WebTrader 2.0 forex system

online eToro WebTrader 2.0 forex system

Once you open the trade it will appear in your Open Trades panel.

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